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We take our responsibility seriously - for society and the environment

At TDC NET, not only do we connect Danes with each other and the outside world, in order to ensure Denmark’s growth and development. As a leading provider of critical infrastructure we help all Danes take advantage of digitalisation every day, and we take responsibility for ensuring sustainable solutions now and in the future.


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Co2 Neutral

100% CO2 neutral in 2030

We have an ambitious target to reduce the CO2 emissions from our own business by 100% in 2028 (scope 1 & 2), and in 2030 we will reduce the CO2 emitted by our suppliers and customers related to our business activities, with 100% (scope 3).

Renewable energy

TDC NET has entered a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) on four new solar parks in Denmark. In 2023, the electricity from the solar parks will cover 60% of our consumption.

Recognized by the Science Based Targets Initiative

Our climate targets are recognized by the Science Based Targets Initiative. This means that TDC NET's targets are in line with climate science, the Paris Agreement and the goal of limiting the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees.
Eco Vadis

EcoVadis Platinum Rating in 2021

At TDC NET, we are proud that we in 2021 have been awarded a platinum recognition by EcoVadis. This is the highest sustainability rating, and it ranks us among the top 1 % most sustainable companies compared to more than 75,000 companies in 160 countries.

ISO 14001 certification in environmental management

TDC NET has obtained ISO 14001 certification, offering a clearer overview of our energy- and environmental footprint, as well as a structure for continual improvements.
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United on the UN Global Goals

Our sustainability strategy is in line with the UN’s Global Goals to ensure that our commitment supports global efforts for sustainable development, with a special emphasis on SDG 4, SDG 9 and SDG 13.
Gr├©Nnere Datacenter

Greener data centres

At our data centres we have lowered our energy consumption, by reducing the number of physical servers from 2500 to 75.

International commitment

Since 2009 we have been members of the UN’s Global Compact, and commited ourselves to work in accordance with their ten principles within human rights, working conditions, respect for the environment as well as ethical business practice. In 2019, we have furthermore subscribed to the UN Global Compact Business Ambition for 1.5°C Pledge.

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"TDC NET plays an important role in enabling our society’s transition to a green and sustainable future. We take responsibility of our climate impact, and we have already reduced the energy consumption in our network and data centres significantly. This is a good foundation for realising our science-based targets of reaching net-zero emissions across our value chain by 2030."

Andreas Pfisterer, CEO, TDC NET

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Sustainability policy commits us

Sustainability is a natural part of our business. We commit to act responsibly, and of course we comply with all relevant laws and regulations, but we go further than that. Together with our partners, we prioritise these four areas in our strategy and commitments: Environmental impact, responsible procurement and sustainable supply chain, community and ethical behavior.

You can read more about our strategy, commitments and reporting in our policies here.

Download ESG Accounting principles here

Download our sustainability policy

Download GRI Content Index

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Guidelines for partners

TDC NET has been a signatory to the UN Global Compact since 2009, and we take our commitment to conducting business in accordance with these principles very seriously. Our Partner Code of Conduct lays down the requirements for own employees, as well as suppliers regarding human rights, labour rights, environmental protection, anti-corruption, health and safety, data protection and security.

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Security, privacy and data ethics

At TDC NET, we have a systematic approach to risk management and security, with regular assessments conducted both internally and by external parties, ongoing investments, control and management focus.


We comply with Danish and EU rules on data protection and privacy. However, since we do not consider them a sufficient basis for our work with data ethics, in 2019 we launched our own policy with 10 rules for handling personal data.


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Lower energy consumption and higher resource efficiency in data centres

TDC NET is currently creating the next generation of nationwide digital infrastructure with lightning fast networks for world-class secure connections for all of Denmark – all while we contribute to TDC’s goal of being 100% CO2 neutral by 2028.