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From 2.500 to 75 servers

Server virtualisation and hyper converged hardware for the replacement of old servers can reduce the number of physical servers from 2500 to 75 and result in lower resource consumption for replacing old equipment. We expect to avoid the use of up to 6000 tonnes of materials for manufacturing new equipment on a 1:1 basis. In terms of energy use, we expect to see a big drop in our data centres as a result of reduced consumption and the volume of new IT equipment.


Project Carrier Gradeness will provide savings of 3416 kWh per physical server per year through reduced consumption of IT power and cooling alone. Although the project will extend over a number of years, we have already reduced energy consumption by 172,300 kWh in 2019. This represents the total annual electricity consumption of 30 people in Denmark.


Finally, the equipment can be reused by others, sold, and the parts of the equipment that cannot be reused will be recycled for other purposes.