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Are you a manager for a housing association or in the process of new construction?

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The benefits of fibre-optic broadband from TDC NET


Free right now

It is free to get connected when TDC NET rolls out fibre-optic broadband in your area. To use the connection, you must choose a provider.

Future-proofing the property

Are you going to sell your home someday? Then remember that home buyers expect a quick and stable connection to the digital services of the future.
1000 Mbit

Lightning fast network

You get up to 1000 Mbps now, and the possibility of even more bandwidth for the home’s intelligent technology in the future.

Choose your own provider

TDC NET connects you. We let others handle subscriptions for Internet, TV and telephone services. That means you can choose for yourself.
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What you get with our free fibre-optic broadband in your home

You get a fast, secure and future-proof connection with our fibre-optic broadband. You can also always choose an Internet, TV and telephone provider which matches your needs.

In some cases, we will install the cables. In other cases, our fibre-optic broadband is already in the ground in your street, in which case we will connect it to your home. You get a fibre-optic broadband socket in the wall.

How to get fibre-optic broadband from TDC NET


How to get fibre-optic broadband from TDC NET

We install the fibre-optic cables in the ground and to the properties to be connected. Then we clean the site after ourselves.

We will visit you

When we are ready to connect your address to fibre-optic broadband, we will notify you a date for the engineer to visit when you are at home.
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You get a fibre-optic broadband socket in your property

Our engineer will connect your home to fibre-optic broadband, and you will have a fibre-optic broadband socket that is ready to use. All you have to do is be at home at the agreed time.
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Now you are able to connect

We make the connection, but we do not sell Internet, TV and telephone services. In order to use fibre-optic broadband, you need to choose a provider.

Choose the provider that is best for you

All Internet, TV and telephone providers can choose our fibre-optic broadband as a way to deliver their solutions to you. Many of them already have, see the list below.

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