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Are you the administrator of a private or public housing association, or engaged in new construction?

Public/private housing association
New construction

Many advantages of TDC NET Fibre


Future-proofing the property

Are you going to sell your home one day? Then you should remember that home buyers expect a fast and stable connection to support the increasing need for digital solutions in our everyday lives.
1000 Mbit

Internet at lightning speed

You get up to 1,000 Mbit now – and the opportunity for even higher speeds for your home’s intelligent technology in the future.

Free choice of provider

TDC NET gets you connected to the fibre network. We leave Internet, TV and telephony subscriptions to other providers. You’re free to choose the provider you prefer.
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What you get with a fibre connection

We’re rolling out fibre to large areas of Denmark. If you live in one of these areas, we’ll install fibre for your home. Our fibre gives you a rapid, safe and stable connection. You’re free to choose a provider of Internet, TV and telephony, according to your needs. You can view an overview of providers here.

In some cases, we come out and dig the fibre cables down into the road. In other cases, our fibre network is already installed in your road. In both cases, we lead the fibre from the road and into your home, establish an exterior box and install a fibre connector inside your home.

How we do it


We bury the fibre network in the ground

We dig the fibre cables down into the road and to the properties to be connected. After that, we naturally clean up after ourselves.

We come to visit

When we’re ready to connect your address to the fibre network, we’ll write to tell you when our fibre technician can visit.
Fiber I Hjemmet

You get a fibre connector in your home

All you have to do is be home at the agreed time, and our technician will connect your home to the fibre network.
Wifi I Hjemmet

Now you can use your fibre connection

We take care of the connection, but we don’t sell Internet, TV and telephony subscriptions. To use the fibre network, you need to choose a provider.

Choose the provider you prefer

With a fibre connection from TDC NET, you’re free to choose the provider of your subscription. All Internet, TV and telephony providers can choose to deliver solutions on our fibre network. A lot of them already do. See the list of providers below.

BolignetDanskNetEWIIFastspeedHiperipnordicJetnetKviknetMaxSpeedNorlysTDC ErhvervTeliaYouSee

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