Annual report 2023

TDC NET is shaping the future of nationwide digital infrastructure. We enable the digital, green transition of Denmark by delivering the best mobile network and the fastest fixed connections to ensure that all of Denmark is better connected than ever. Read more about the 2023 highlights and results in our annual report.

Highlights from 2023

Highlights from 2023

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Changes in executive leadership

In 2023, we entered a new phase in our transformation journey. Consequently, Selina Lomholdt, Campbell Fraser and Angelos Cacouros joined the Executive Leadership Team as Chief Human Resource Officer, Chief IT Officer and Head of Strategy & Programme Office, respectively.

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Historic CO2 reductions

In 2023, we achieved a historic 59% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions compared with our 2020 baseline. This achievement is driven by investments in renewable electricity from our four solar parks, underscoring our dedication to minimising our carbon footprint and leading the climate agenda

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Denmark's best mobile network

For eighth years, we have proudly maintained our position as Denmark's best mobile network with an 88% flawless experience, unmatched download and upload speeds, near-perfect mobile calls, and 99.7% in 5G video streaming, supported by our fully developed nationwide 5G network with 99% accessibility for the eighth year in a row

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Electrifying special vans

We have a goal to electrify our entire car fleet, including special vans, by 2028. We are taking the lead in finding a solution for the market and partner with vehicle conversion specialists with expertise in converting regular vans into special vans.