We build and operate networks – above and below ground

TDC NET is creating tomorrow’s digital infrastructure, so Denmark can continue to be at the forefront. We want to provide the most powerful fixed-line and mobile networks and make using them easy to everyone. So we can stay well connected.

Our purpose, mission and strategy

A society with a strong digital infrastructure is the way forward, both socially and economically. Therefore, we have a clear mission to shape the next generation of nationwide digital infrastructure.


We connect Denmark. For the benefit of all.


We shape the next generation of nationwide, digital infrastructure.


We work purposefully to realise our “Network Champions” strategy.

We create the digital infrastructure of the future

As the largest and most experienced provider of digital infrastructure in Denmark, TDC NET delivers stable and future-proof connections in Denmark. We maintain the existing digital infrastructure, while investing in new technologies that enable us to expand and improve connections nationwide.

  • Our copper network reaches 2.8 million addresses.

  • We connect more than 1.5 million addresses with coax or fibre.

  • We offer Denmark’s best mobile network with national 5G coverage.

Danish consumers are making increasing demands on the speed and range of the digital infrastructure, and we expect demand to continue to grow. For this reason we are constantly working to expand our network throughout Denmark.

Our strategy and priorities

1. Best mobile network

TDC NET has Denmark’s best mobile network. We want to continue providing the market’s best network quality and coverage. For this reason we are constantly working on optimising and securing the future of our mobile network

2. Fastest fixed connections

As the market leader for standard and high-speed broadband in Denmark, we must expand our fibre network while maintaining our high-speed network and migrating the standard network.   
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3. Great customer experiences 

We offer all service providers equal access to our network. This helps give end users flexibility, freedom of choice and, ultimately, the best possible connections. 

4. Operation excellence (OPEX)

We want to invest in the technologies of the future. That’s why we’re constantly working to simplify our processes and make them even more efficient. 
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”TDC NET is an open-access connectivity provider of digital infrastructure. We build, own and operate the next generation of Denmark’s digital infrastructure. Denmark has a leading position within digitalisation across the EU, and TDC NET plays an important role in enabling society’s transition to a green and sustainable future.”

Michel Jumeau, Chief Executive Officer TDC NET

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Everyone is welcome on our infrastructure


Our digital infrastructure is open and accessible to all providers. That means businesses, institutions and consumers are free to choose where they want to buy their internet, TV and telephony services.


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Corporate Governance

TDC NET pursues sound and healthy Corporate Governance Principles and Corporate governance in TDC NET is exercised through a number of corporate bodies.

On this site you can read more about Corporate Governance in TDC NET.

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A new company with a long history

On one hand, TDC NET was established not long ago. On the other hand, we have many years of experience in creating connections.


From the country's first telephones

In 1882, industrialist and businessman C.F. Tietgen founded Kjøbenhavns Telefon Selskab (The Copenhagen Telephone Company) to connect the very first telephones in the capital. This meant many more telephones in the country, and a number of regional telecommunications companies, which eventually became Tele Danmark and TDC Group, who owned YouSee, Telmore, TDC Business and others.    

To the digital Denmark

In 2019, TDC Group was split into two companies – TDC NET and Nuuday – with each focusing on their individual strengths, contribute to the digital Denmark of the future. With the rollout of fibre and 5G, TDC NET provides the fastest fixed-line connections and the best mobile network. Nuuday provides digital experiences and entertainment through a variety of providers such as YouSee, Telmore, Hiper, and TDC Business.

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