We build and operate networks – above and below ground

TDC NET is creating tomorrow’s digital infrastructure, so Denmark can continue to be at the forefront. We want to provide the most powerful fixed-line and mobile networks and make using them easy to everyone. So we can stay well connected.

Stability and security in our networks are vital elements, and we are constantly looking to be one step ahead of future developments. That is why we, among other things carry out RPKI Route Origin validation, which ensures that our customers' traffic is even more stable and secure, since all available routers on the network are validated by us along the way.

We create connections where everyone is welcome

The digital infrastructure is the backbone of the society of the future, and it must be strong. Measurements made by the Danish Technological Institute show that in 2020, and for the seventh consecutive year, TDC NET has the best mobile network in the country. Furthermore, when it comes to the network in the ground, we reach out the furthest into all corners of the country. This is what we are good at: Creating the network that everyone can connect to, in order to communicate with each other and the outside world.

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