Fibre is the Internet of the future

Our data consumption in Denmark is increasing by 40 per cent per year. That’s why we're investing in fibre, so that everyone can share the future new digital opportunities. With a secure network at the speed of lightning, we’re getting companies, hospitals and schools – you and I – even better connected. With each other, and with the rest of the world.

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Network at the speed of light

Fibre-optic cables made of glass are used to transmit data at the speed of light. This provides lightning-fast, secure and stable broadband technology with access to speeds that are ramped up for the future. We not only ensure outstanding Internet, TV and telephony connectivity for homes and large and small businesses. We also provide a future-proof connection for the smart solutions that are on their way, including the Internet of Things.

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On its way to you and Denmark

Today, TDC NET can deliver fibre to over 380,000 addresses in Denmark, and the number is increasing as we expand our fibre network. Our aim is to deliver fibre to more than one million addresses within a number of years. When new neighbourhoods get the opportunity to connect to fibre, we send out information letters to addresses in the neighbourhood.

You may have either declined advertising or be on the “Robinson” (no direct marketing) list so you don’t get letters from us. If you want to be sure to be notified if we roll out fibre to your neighbourhood, please sign up to the interest list. You can do this by typing your address here.

We provide the connection and you choose the provider

Once we’ve connected your house, property or business to TDC NET Fibre, you get a fibre connector in the wall that can be compared with an antenna connector or telephone jack. With a fibre connector from TDC NET, you’re free to choose your provider and Internet, TV and telephony subscription. You can't get this from us. We just get you connected. Please note that a provider’s subscription may require additional equipment, such as a modem.

Fibre in the ground or 5G in the air?

As we roll out fibre, we’re also upgrading our mobile network to 5G. It’s not actually a question of either fibre or 5G, but rather both. It’s true that 5G can deliver mobile network speeds equivalent to fibre today. But fibre has the potential to deliver even higher speeds. Enormous expansion of the mobile network’s capacity would be necessary if all data traffic were to take place via the 5G network. With increasing data volumes, there will still be a need for fixed connections in the future. Fibre is lightning-fast, secure and stable Internet technology, and will be able to deliver competitive connections far into the future.

Choose the provider that is best for you

All Internet, TV and telephone providers can choose our fibre-optic broadband as a way to deliver their solutions to you. Many of them already have, and we are constantly updating the list of providers.

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