Cable damage

If the damage has been done and you have dug a cable, see below for how to report the damage. If you are a business, you are required to fill in the form. Remember to provide the company address of the Damaging Party in the damage section.

If you are having difficulty filling in the form, or you want an update on an error message, please call us on 80 20 10 44. If you are a citizen please contact your internet provider.

First, please select whether you are a contractor or regular citizen:

Information about the damage

Please provide information about the damage in question. We recommend that you use a computer and not your mobile phone for this form.

Thank you for contacting Cable Damage. We have sent a confirmation to you by email.
Information about the damage
Information about damage location

State whether you have ordered LER information via

Information about damage cause (Company information)

You can search for CVR number and company name

Please contact your internet provider

If, as a regular citizen, you wish to report cable damage, please contact your internet provider.

They will help you with the practicalities of reporting.



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Order cable plans

If you need cable plans, you can use the link below to order them from us

If you need us to detect our cables for you, please call us on 70 12 21 10 option 1.
We will usually bill you for detection work.

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Building or renovating?

“Construction Screening” is our department for commercial and private developers preparing to carry out work that may affect TDC NET copper, fibre or coax networks. This could include changes to road layout, building renovations and the relocation of our cabinets or poles.