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Have fibre-optic broadband installed in your property for free, and give everyone a free choice of provider

Things move quickly in the digital society, and our lives increasingly depend on good, stable and secure connections. Therefore, we offer to install fibre-optic broadband free of charge. We let others handle Internet, TV and telephone subscriptions, so with fibre-optic broadband from TDC NET, residents in the property are free to choose their provider.

Hear more about the possibilities of future-proofing the property with the largest fibre-optic broadband in Denmark.


Free of charge

There are no start-up fees when having fibre-optic broadband installed in every home or business in your association or building.
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Ready for intelligent building management

Fibre-optic broadband from TDC NET is prepared for intelligent building management, resulting in significant energy and CO2 savings.
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Proven process

With our validated processes and construction work, you can feel completely safe when choosing fibre-optic broadband from TDC NET.

Everyone is free to choose their own provider

TDC NET gives the building a lightning-fast connection from day one. The provider and subscription are chosen by everyone individually.
1000 Mbit

Future-proof solution

Each unit will have up to 1000 Mbps, with the possibility of even more bandwidth in the future.

No operation and maintenance

We handle regular operation and maintenance, including security updates at a fixed low price.

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