Meet Mark

‘I am employed as a service technician in TDC NET and help customers if their phone or internet does not work. It's a very exciting job. No days are the same. It presents some challenge when you do not know what you are getting into. I like that. '


Mark is a trained electrician and appreciates TDC NET being a large company with many opportunities to work with technology.

‘When I started in TDC NET, I was assigned a mentor who I have always been able to - and still can - contact and get help from. I have a very good, professional relationships with my colleagues.’

Mark highlights TDC NET's proud history and is pleased with its opportunity to be part of the important, common task of connecting Denmark together digitally.

As he says, moving a small wire can be an important step for a company, deeply dependent on being digitally connected.

Mark is happy to go to work in the morning and he often talks to his colleagues. Even if it's on the phone while driving around to customers. He calls the tone between them honest and teasing.

‘There is a good collaboration internally in TDC NET and with partners and providers. You are always in good hands, and there is always a colleague to call and get help from. It is clear that we have the same goal of connecting Denmark. '

It is Mark's goal to get to know as much about copper, coax and fiber compounds as his mentor.

Today, Mark himself is a mentor for an apprentice.