Get power of attorney for a fibre connection

Before we can install fibre in your home, you must be sure to have the permission of the owner of both your home and the building you live in. You can download a written power of attorney below.

We have to dig into the ground on the property in order to lay a fibre cable into the building, and in multi-dwelling properties we need to install fibre equipment in several places. The fibre connection needs to be approved by the building’s decision maker, who must approve your registration. With a power of attorney, you can approve the fibre connection on the decision maker’s behalf.

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What can you tell the decision maker?

There are several good reasons to get the property connected to TDC NET Fibre. You’ll get a secure, stable and rapid network for the digital services and benefits of the future. Fibre networks provide up to 1,000 Mbit connectivity – and even more speed in the longer term. Fibre networks from TDC NET are not connected to a specific Internet, TV and telephony subscription provider, so you’re free to choose the provider or providers you prefer.

What happens if you do not get power of attorney?

When you sign up and confirm that you have power of attorney, we naturally expect everything to be in order. If it turns out, when we start the work, that the owner of your home or of the building has not accepted that fibre be installed, we won’t be able to complete the connection.

The process for our installation of fibre-optic broadband

How we install the fibre network in your road 

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Who will you see?

When we lay fibre in your road, you will see our own teams and the teams of one of our subcontractors working in your neighbourhood.

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We start digging

When the fibre cables are to be placed in the ground, we remove flagstones and asphalt to get access, but the ground is always re-established afterwards.

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We clean up after us

We do our best not to inconvenience you. But the road may become less accessible while we are digging. You may have to park somewhere else – but in that case we'll let you know.

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