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Coax is stable and fast internet

Coax cables are dug down and provide users with internet connections through the antenna connector. It is a fast and stable infrastructure with speeds of up to 1000 Mbit/s.

Coax connections are among the most common

With a coax connection, you get internet through the antenna connector that is also used for TV. Internet service providers usually send a small adapter to the antenna socket, so you have access to both their TV channels and the Internet. Thereby, one of the advantages of coax is the ability to have internet and TV in the same socket.

TDC NET can supply coax connection to more than one million households

TDC NET can provide fast and stable internet via coax to more than one million households across the country. TDC NET's coax network help to connect Denmark. For everyone.


What is the difference between coax and fiber?

Coax and fiber are two different types of infrastructure based on different technologies. But they cover the same need: Fast and efficient internet.

Fiber is considered the standard of the future for internet connections. Fiber networks has an unbelievably high capacity and almost unimaginable possibilities when it comes to, for example, download speeds.