Internet of the future: TDC NET launches 10 gigabit-fibre network for households  

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We have good news, which are lightning-fast!

As the first in Denmark, TDC NET launches the internet of the future with 10 Gbit/s fibre network for private households. As of June, addresses where the technology has already been rolled out are given the opportunity to order the product – e.g. in several major cities such as Roskilde, Elsinore and Hillerød. More will be offered the opportunity continuously as the fibre network is upgraded to the higher speeds.

Fortunately, we have good news for everyone else on our network as well – even if you’re not among the first that get the opportunity of speeds as high as 10 Gbit. As it is, we are upgrading our entire network, so everyone has the opportunity of ordering 2 Gbit as soon as June.

The roll-out of the internet of the future is part of our continuous futureproofing of the digital infrastructure for all. Our goal is to make sure that you not only have access to speeds that meet the present needs – but that our network is ready and able to deliver the speeds that you’ll need in the long run.

And that’s why we can hardly wait for June to arrive.

Your benefit in being futureproof

The primary benefit of the internet of the future, or this new generation of fibre, is the impressive speeds on both upload and download. It is even possible to obtain speeds which are up to 10 times as fast as the speed that most users with a fibre connection have today.

You may view it as a futureproofing of your internet connection – whether you need to upload or download large files, or you simply want a stable connection when streaming, gaming, surfing, working from home or if you live in a household that does a little bit of everything.

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”At TDC NET, we obviously consider the demand which is under way. But being the country’s oldest infrastructure corporation, to us it is also a matter of taking responsibility for the future and playing a part in creating the foundation of new opportunities in the society. We already have an idea of areas that might benefit greatly from this initiative – such as AI, VR, Metaverse, cloud solutions and maybe even remote medicine – but I’m also sure that in five to ten years, we will come across new solutions which are developed due to 10 Gbit fibre network.”

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Where do the higher speeds come from?

The higher speeds are transmitted through the fibre cables which are already rolled out. Because when putting the fibre in the ground, we make sure to use a technology that makes it possible for us to upgrade the fibre repeatedly. That is one of the strengths of our fibre net.

Now, there is a new technology which – briefly put - makes us able to send more light through our fibre cables and thereby makes the speed much higher.

On the 10 Gbit product, the maximum experienced speed will be up to 8,5/6 Gbit/s in download and upload, while on the 2 Gbit product, it will be up to 1,8/0,9 Gbit.

Good news which are futureproof

The new 10 Gbit network is based on a network technology which is new in Denmark, and it makes it possible for us to increase speeds for both upload and download radically in the fibre connections.

The good news is that private addresses in selected areas soon will have access to speeds which otherwise exclusively have been available for companies and institutions. Our goal is to make sure that you not only have access to speeds which meet the present needs – but that our network is prepared to deliver the speeds that you will need in the long run.

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