TDC NET's mobile network measured best for the ninth year in a row

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Again in 2024, the Technological Institute has measured the mobile network experience in Denmark. The extensive test shows that the customer's experience on TDC NET's mobile network - both nationally and in the five regions - is "significantly better" than that of competitors. It is the ninth year in a row that TDC NET is at the top of the Institute's measurement, which was originally initiated by Telenor.

In these years, Denmark is becoming increasingly connected. The mobile network is being expanded and upgraded with lightning-fast 5G technology – to the benefit of the Danish users who increasingly call, surf, stream and download data mobile. Today, everyone expects fast and stable coverage, wherever in the country you need it. Over a number of years, the Technological Institute has measured which mobile network gives the user the best experience - measured in terms of both conversation, download, upload and video streaming – and again this year, according to the Institute's measurement, it is TDC NET that, both in the individual categories and overall set delivers the best experience.

5G across the country
This year, the study was carried out with 691 measurement sites distributed throughout Denmark, and the conclusion is that TDC NET has the most developed 5G network with 99.9 percent access, and that the company both nationally and in the individual regions provides a significantly better overall mobile network experience than Telenor, Telia and 3.

"For us at TDC NET, it is not enough to provide good mobile coverage in the larger cities. We want to connect the whole of Denmark and in recent years have purposefully upgraded our over 4,000 mobile masts across the country with new 5G technology. We see the test from the Technological Institute as proof that we are well on our way to succeeding in our goal," ," says Chief Technology Officer at TDC NET, Jakob Dirksen, and continues:

”"It is very satisfying to now be able to state that the many investments and the great work effort are bearing fruit, and that the test thus confirms that we deliver the best experience to customers both nationally and in each region of the country. It is a critical mission for us to bind Denmark together – and it is satisfying that we continue to deliver a significantly better mobile network experience than our competitors.”

The work continues
Jakob Dirksen also emphasizes that the focused work continues.

"As a society, we communicate increasingly digitally, and as Denmark's largest supplier of digital infrastructure, we have a natural responsibility to ensure that we also offer users a fast and stable nationwide mobile network in the long term. That is why we continue our investments in technologies and capacity that can meet future needs," explains Jakob Dirksen.

Selected results from the survey 
The survey of the mobile network experience in Denmark, carried out by the Technological Institute for TDC NET with 691 measurement points distributed throughout the country, shows, among other things, that:

  • TDC NET has both nationally and in the individual regions a significantly better overall mobile network experience* than Telenor, 3 and Telia.
  • TDC NET has a nationally 88% error-free mobile network experience* Telia has a nationally 74%, Telenor 73% and 3 has a 71% error-free mobile network experience*..
  • TDC NET has nationally and in the individual regions significantly faster and more error-free downloads and significantly more error-free uploads than Telenor, Telia and 3.
  • Ordinary mobile phone calls are measured error-free. It is the first time that all mobile phone calls have been measured error-free. Differences compared to previous studies may be due to statistical coincidence.
  • TDC NET has 99.7% error free video streaming with 5G mobile phone. Telia 99.4%, Telenor 99.3% and 3 have 99.0% error-free video streaming. An important explanation for the small spread between the telecommunications companies is that the app adapts the image quality in relation to the download speed that is available.
  • TDC NET has 99.9% access to 5G. 3 has 99.1% and Telenor 97.5% and Telia 97.1% access to 5G. For Telenor and Telia, access to 5G has increased significantly since the 2023 survey.

* see fact box below


In connection with the study, the good mobile network experience is defined by TDC NET as:

30 sec. error-free mobile phone conversation where the receiver can be heard is termed as approved. In the event of an error, a redial has been made and approved if the redial has been successful

30 MB download within 15 seconds. 90 sec. or more is equated by TDC NET with no usable mobile data coverage

30 MB upload within 30 seconds. 90 sec. or more is equated by TDC NET with no usable mobile data coverage

60 sec. DR TV news on app without buffering waiting time. In previous studies, the same YouTube video was streamed, but to avoid possible cache from test to test, there has been a switch to DR TV. Buffering waiting time of 0.1-10 sec. is categorized as faulty. Buffering waiting time of more than 10 sec. is equated by TDC NET with video streaming not being possible.

Read more: Se the summary of the report below or access the full report here.