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Denmark's best mobile network

For the sixth year in a row The Institute of Technology (Teknologisk Institut) has measured our mobile network to be the best in Denmark. This is a position we wish to maintain in the future.

5G is the future of mobile infrastructure. It is a digital highway for the network that smart cities will be built upon, self-driving cars and the Internet of Things.

First and foremost, 5G will deliver a much quicker connection with higher capacity and lower delays. TDC NET has connected Danes for 140 years and we will continue to do so in the future. We are not only building the infrastructure for today, but also the infrastructure of the future. This is the reason why TDC NET is the first to deliver 5G in Denmark. Because we strive to invest in the digital future of Denmark.

We connect Denmark.
For everyone.
5G Endnuredigerer

Making Denmark digital with 5G

In orderto create a digital Denmark with the best nationwide wireless network, TDC NET is establishing 5G infrastructure, ensuring that future demands are met. With 5G we are taking a big leap regarding capacity, internet speed and intelligent connections. In other words,5G is the start of a new era for the digital economy. This new era makes itpossible for Denmark to establish its position as a global digital front runner by becoming the first country in The North with national 5G-coverage.

The next generation of mobile network

Mobil 2G


2G was the first technology that could be used for data on the mobile phone. However, it was slow and best suited for voice and text messaging.
Nokia 3G


3G provided much higher speed and made it possible to use internet on the mobile. But 3G was still slower than the broadband, which many have at home.


4G significantly increased the speed and gave us real mobile internet in Denmark. However, the amount and use of data is growing rapidly and today it is increasingly difficult for 4G to keep up.
Drone 5G


5G makes the mobile network as fast and efficient as the broadband we know from home. With 5G, we turn the speed up and the latency down. It offers completely new possibilities on the mobile network.